Paradoxical Loner Slow Dancing With My Dark Passenger™


An enigma wrapped in a paradox, candidly evasive. A witty nitwit, a complex simpleton.




21 responses to “About

  1. If my intentions matched my actions. I’ve so much to say about your recent posts. I’ve not left- just rendered mute by swirling firings of neurons. I’ll be back. Such good work. And I don’t believe in a foolish heart. 🙂

    • I am a law student at Georgia State University and I am also the chair for the Public Interest Law Association’s yearly auction. The auction is to raise money for fellowships for students who take unpaid internships in the field of public interest law.

      We came across your “Tuxedo” image and would love to use it to advertise for our event, since it is a casino theme this year and the image is very fitting. We operate on a very limited budget since we donate all the money raised to deserving students. As such, I was wondering if you could let me know what you would charge for our use of the image. Alternatively, we would be more than willing to give you credit in our event program should you choose to donate the image for our cause. The program will be handed out to the over 400 attendees of students, alumni, faculty, and community members.

      Thank you!

      • I’d love to, but it is not my image to profit from. Do a google image search and you may find the rightful owner. As I state on my blog, I simply find these images on the internet.

        Good luck to you!

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