You’re funny, thoughtful…you kick CEOs down flights of stairs



Corporate Rape or Corporate Seduction?

What do I do?

It’s like dancing a lusty tango with Pablo Veron, while Yoyo Ma makes love to his cello.

It’s like being a great white shark, navigating through the balmy waters of the Bahamas.

It’s like seductively mindfucking an establishment and stimulating it to beg me for more.

It’s like a hungry and predatory black panther, slipping through the forest of Costa Rica.

It’s like harnessing raw horse power in your hand, and teaching it to respond to a bridle.

It’s like traveling in a high speed bullet train, while watching a spider weave a slow web.

It’s like a whisper from an impassioned lover, electrifying the flesh, and rising to meet it.


Potently planned porn, passionately perverse persuasion. Pursued, penetrated & procured.