Rage Fuck



My Dark Passenger


Yes my erotic Dark Passenger slowly murmur in my ear

Carnal violent dangerous things only you and I love to hear

Talk to me of love and hate and of suffering and bliss

My Dark Passenger this is one intercourse I decidedly do not wish to miss

Down he laid my Dark Passenger pressing himself to my delighted shivering back

Around us gathered in the gloom a delicious shade of black

Taking me in his strong arms my Dark Passenger drew me close

Sipping from a hand blown glass we both took a lethal dose

Gasping reeling pushing himself into me my spine arched higher

My Dark Passenger always had a seductive way of setting my body on fire

Heaving lurching clawing I dug my crimson nails in deep

My Dark Passenger threw himself upon me until we were nothing but a tormented heap

Slipping on my sheath and heels my Dark Passenger implored me to stay

I promised we would meet again on yet another dark lust gloomy day




You plod along in your routine life

Then She walks in

Suddenly your whole world turns upside down

You feel alive for the first time

Like running your finger along the blade of a sharp knife

Like smoking opium for the first time

She knew he knew she was dangerous

But he couldn’t help himself

Wicked were her ways, sinful her intent

She couldn’t help it, she loved to tease and torment

She plotted ways to fuck his mind until he was so obsessed you’d think him blind

Heart racing as she enters the room

Wearing that exotic perfume

Is it lust, or your own personal doom?

You vowed to tell her to go fuck herself

But then, you hear her voice. . .

You are not only angry at your weakness, but your own arousal

And you know you have no choice